Stay Away From Shopify



Why using builders if you can have your store ready in a few hours?

  • Hundreds of websites are offering e-commerce store for free
  • Here is the catch, nothing free, its free trial, or free until you sell
  • Even if you didn't pay anything yet, they still profit from your daily visits
  • One day you'll wish to have a free thousands daily visitors to boost your website rank

Why using templates that almost everyone already used it?

  • All big names are using the same e-commerce software.
  • But developers change themes and colors and sell it or rent it for you..
  • and because you don't see on the search engines somebody else so you start.
  • Do your own search to know what is the best for your business.

Why following others rules and policies, if you can have yours?

  • Every website owners have his own rules and you must obey.
  • Believe it or not , If you forgot a security answer or your phone number or password, you can loose your business.
  • Ask about Ebayers how they suffer from Ebay rules and later suspend your account.
  • Do you want to invest and build a business name that someone just kick you out of business.

Why paying monthly fees to keep your store live?

  • You should never pay any extra money for your store except your hosting company.
  • And upgrade plan if needed in case you are using big space or high bandwidth.
  • Hosting plans are usually $5 a month.

Why paying extra fees on additional items?

  • Your own store, use it for 1 item or 1000 items, no extra charge
  • Add photos and videos as much as you want.
  • Set up your own prices and offer discounts and unlimited coupons.
  • Use your own newsletter from your website.
  • Create your own affiliate program to let others sending traffic to your store

Where is your mind?

Thank you for reading this page. What are you waiting for?
Place your order, and get ready to setup your OWN online store tomorrow morning..
One time fee including Software installation and setup.
You may ask to design the home page for additional fees
24 hours delivery - you just need to add your items photos and description

Most of our clients who asked for SEO Services, have the same common problems.
Most of them are using Wordpress, Woocommerce, shopify, Wix, Big Commerce, etc.
Of course we help them but with limits, as its not easy to edit whatever is necessary.
In some c
ase you might need to use one of these platform, so at least make sure that:,
Your main pages are not using any builders.

Good Luck